The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

Contact us about maintenance for your heat pump

Maintenance for your heat pump is crucial to ensure that your heat pump is working efficiently and that any issues are resolved quickly before expensive repairs become necessary. Our qualified and experienced Service Engineers service and maintain a wide range of heat pumps.
Ecoforest Air to Water
Introducing the future of heat pumps

A global leader in air to water heat pump technology, Ecoforest has always been at the forefront, in terms of innovative, cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Today, it’s no different. An Ecoforest heat pump means spectacular temperatures and efficiencies that other manufacturers can only dream about.

Mitsui Air to Water
High-performance, superb value
The comprehensive range of air to water Mitsui heat pumps, offers a broad choice of solutions for all situations and budgets. With a worldwide presence and strong reputation for quality, we’re delighted to exclusively represent a leading global player in the Irish market. This offers home and business owners alike, an outstanding alternative to conventional brands.
Geothermal heat pumps
Energy from the earth, stream or lake
Harness the earth’s energy to your advantage. Offering a wide range of installation options, from soil to lakes and from horizontal to vertical (borehole), we can help you use the ground beneath your feet to provide warmth.

Benefits of our heat pumps

Super value for money

Much cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers or electric heating.


Much safer than combustion-based systems.

Internet on board

It’s possible to connect to any of our heat pumps from anywhere in the world.

Low maintenance

Extremely little on-going maintenance and practically nothing for the end user.

Inverter Technology

Advanced technology and control for greater lifespan and higher temperatures.

DHW without assistance

We have several heat pump models that don’t require an electrical back-up heater.


Monobloc heat pumps are self-contained and can simply take the place of old boiler.


Can provide cooling in summer (small extra cost), great for modern homes with lots of glazing.


Very reliable and long-lasting.

Plug & Play

Very simple installation, we commission everything and ensure optimum operation.

So-so quiet

Ultra-quiet operation is a given with an Eco Heat Pumps unit.


Great for the environment with very low carbon emissions, protecting our planet’s future.

Our Products

Quality Heatpumps and Managers with installation and commissioning by trained professionals.
Air to Water
Extract energy from your surrounding environment and efficiently convert it into heat for your home. Through advanced technology and specialist installation, our air to water heat pumps can operate without buffer tanks and heat radiators and domestic hot water without electric heater back-up.
The earth is full of heat energy, collected from the sun’s rays and stored like a giant storage radiator. Harnessing this energy is elementary, through progressive and innovative technology. Whether from the earth or a river or lake, this energy can be converted into useful heat for our homes. For the ultimate in home heating performance and endurance, choose a geothermal heat pump.
Hot Water
Innovation at its best. Replacing warm air from your home with fresh air is always a great idea. But now, you can extract the heat and, using super-compact heat pump technology, convert it into hot water at an incredible 260% efficiency.
Modern, high performance heat pumps offer a terrific alternative for commercial heating and cooling. Substantially reduce your business’ heating costs whilst improving your employee’s comfort and increasing your bottom line. With exclusive High-Power heat pumps for commercial applications, we’re your perfect partner when bring your heating system into the 21st century.
Energy Managers
Master your own energy with an Ecoforest Energy Manager. Through intelligent and innovative technology, you can control where your energy goes and when. Integrate your heat pump, solar PV system, battery storage, hot water cylinder, electric car and more and maximise your return at all times without having to lift a finger.