Who we are

The people behind the brand.

We’re a small team of passionate and focused individuals who aim to share our knowledge, passion and expertise with home and business owners throughout the country. Eco Heat Pumps is the culmination of decades of experience with heat pumps and a frustration with the quality of service available in the market. From different backgrounds, our founders came together to solve this problem.

Heat pumps work, I think we all know that. We just need to have the right product for each scenario and have a dedicated team to guarantee it works. We pride ourselves on getting the job right, first time around and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure complete success.

What we do

When it comes to your heating, we’ll stop at nothing.

At Eco Heat Pumps, we invest in R&D to bring you cutting-edge technology, meaning futureproof systems that save you money for decades. Our aim is to provide outstanding service and we place our customers at the very centre of everything that we do.

What we value

We bring top tech to inspire you and protect our environment.

Innovation: We believe that innovative technology keeps you ahead of the curve and future-proofs your home or business against future rises in fuel costs and

Customer service: This is perhaps our biggest passion. We consider our customers to be our livelihood and without you, we are nothing. So, we’ve listened and that’s why we do what we do in the way that we do it. Just ask our quickly growing list of happy customers.

Reliable technology: Reliability of our products is a cornerstone of our success. We understand our customer’s innate need for constant, reliable heat and to be able to trust in their systems. It’s our life’s mission to provide that for you.

Our environment: We think that our environment must be protected for our little ones. Those of us who are here today won’t be suffering the consequences of our inactions but our kids and their kids will. That’s why we have a strong focus or superior technology, especially in terms of higher output temperatures and vastly less harmful, natural refrigerants.

Why Eco Heat Pumps?

Unrivalled expertise and experience:

With more than 20 years of experience in the installation, commissioning, servicing and repairing of heat pumps, I think it’s fair to say our knowledge and expertise is a cut above most. We know what works and we know what doesn’t; we’ve seen it all. Based on this experience, we’ll tell you straight if your home or business is suitable for a heat pump and give you complete peace of mind in your investment.

Leading brands:

With our vast experience, we feel we know what works well in our Irish climate and have chosen particular styles, brands of heat pumps with high performance in our moist climate. Trust us to provide products that are tried and tested in our climate, a climate which is so different and more difficult for heat pumps than cold and dry climates like those of Northern Europe. Meet Ecoforest heat pumps. Furthermore, knowing the importance of competitiveness and the strong need for affordable quality, we can offer other brands at great prices.

Our guarantee to you:

We’re so confident in our products and in what we do, we’ll stand over our work for TEN years. Allowing us to design, install and commission your new heat pump literally guarantees you complete success. Our customers are our most important asset and quality aftersales service is paramount to everything we do.

100% Irish owned:

All shares in our business are fully Irish owned and we pay all our taxes here in Ireland. Based in County Mayo, we’re proud of where we come from and delighted to offer a unique and high quality service to our fellow Irish customers.

Registered and approved:

We’re a fully registered company, here in Ireland and pay our taxes to the Irish Revenue. Our company and/or its subsidiaries are registered as Renewable Energy Installers, qualified mechanical contractors, registered with the SEAI for grant works and all our products are fully tested, certified and approved by all the relevant bodies.