Bringing Nature's Energy Home

Heat Pumps

The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

Ecoforest is a Spanish company and has been a renowned leader in renewable technologies, almost since its inception in 1959. Found in Vigo, Ecoforest became the first European manufacturer of wood pellet boiler stoves ins 1993. Since then, Ecoforest has become one of the world leaders in heat pump technology and has a proud and unique record by way of the most specialised, cutting-edge technology on the planet.

Ecoforest’s meaningful R&D department continues to innovate every day, in order to develop more advanced and more efficient products and in order to maintain their advantage in the market. Currently, Ecoforest products can be found in more than 30 countries around the world.

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Heat Pumps in a different class
The genius of Ecoforest heat pumps lies in the advanced technology, developed by their own engineers. Innovative design, pioneering software development and dedicated engineers has resulted in patented software technology that enables Ecoforest heat pumps to perform at levels never seen before. It’s almost unfair to the competition.
Quality and reliability
Through having the most advanced software in the industry and using the best components, coupled with careful and meticulous assembly, an Ecoforest heat pump is a piece of equipment that you will be very proud of.
Living in absolute comfort

With complete automation, the possibility to connect, control and perform diagnostics via an internet connection there’s really nothing for the end user to do. So sit back, put your feet up and relax.

Natural Heat Pumps
Ecoforest are first once again, proudly introducing R290 natural refrigerant into both geothermal and air to water heat pumps. With around 700 times less of a global warming potential than commonly used refrigerants, this is a game changer! A pioneer once again.
Summer cooling
Ecoforest heat pumps are all available with the option to add passive and/or active cooling (must be specified on order). A particular advantage to those homes with a lot of glazing. Now, wouldn’t that be nice during that warm spell of weather.
Range of options
Harness energy from the ground, the air, a river or lake or a combination of these. Nothing is impossible due to the advanced technology of Ecoforest. You can even add an air source unit to supplement your existing geothermal heat pump, a great advantage if thinking of a home extension. This is yet another unique feature of Ecoforest heat pumps and technology.

What makes Ecoforest unique?


Superior efficiencies

With COPs of around 5, Ecoforest are unbeatable in more ways than one. The COP isn’t the incredible part, it’s the temperatures that can be achieved at the same time!


Whisper-quiet (ultra-quiet) operation

Due to advanced fan technology and truly modulating operation, Ecoforest lead the way with noise too. Even the fans in air to water models are specially designed to minimise noise whilst maximising the collection of energy.


R290 refrigerant

Whilst others still boast about R32 refrigerant (which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 675 times that of CO2), Ecoforest are pioneering again with the introduction of R290 natural refrigerant (GWP of 3) into both air to water and geothermal heat pumps.


Visually stunning

You won’t want to hide your Ecoforest heat pump, instead you’ll want everyone to see it!


Inverter technology with flash tank

Unique to Ecoforest, patented software and the main reason we can hit temperatures that others can only dream about.


EVI technology

Another software development by Ecoforest, exclusively for air to water heat pumps, this enables our standard range to hit water temperatures of 70°C when it’s -2-°C outside, all without supplementary heater!


HTR technology

A different system for geothermal heatpumps but with the same amazing results – hot water up to 70°C without supplementary heater.


AU Range

The possibility to add an air source collector to a geothermal (or existing air to water) heat pump. Yet another feature that cannot be achieved by others.