The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

The comprehensive range of Mitsui heat pumps, offers a broad choice of solutions for all situations and budgets. With a worldwide presence and strong reputation for quality, we’re delighted to exclusively represent a leading global player in the Irish market. This offers home and business owners alike, an outstanding option for air to water heat pumps.

Heat pumps for you

Manufacturing heating and air handling technology since 1981, Mitsui offers innovative products for domestic, commercial and industrial clients all around the world. With clear goals of “quality” and “efficiency”, Mitsui looks to develop market-leading products with versatile installation options. Price competitiveness is another goal that Mitsui are keen to achieve and we feel that they represent the very best value for money that the market has to offer.

Research and Development
Though their dedicated team of specialised technicians and engineers, Mitsui are continuously researching and developing new products, using sophisticated technologies and cutting-edge R&D programs. Through careful selection of selected raw materials, together with a long and laborious testing phase in research laboratories, Mitsui ensure all equipment is high quality and reliability.
Certified Quality
All Mitsui appliances undergo stringent testing and certification to ensure the unconditional quality and safety of all products placed in the market. Safety is paramount at Mitsui as is the protection of our environment. Such certifications that have been achieved to date include:
  • CE marking
  • ISO 9001
  • RoHS
  • EN:14825
  • EN:16147
The Mitsui Product
Mitsui offer a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products which are the result of tradition, innovation and good design. Not only practical and efficient though, their design has been refined to an aesthetically pleasing and elegant one, which can adapt to any style and living environment.
After-sales assistance
Through extensive training of its distributors and agents, Mitsui ensures that all their products are well maintained long after they leave the factory. Extensive training takes place in Italy, in their dedicated training facility, where all trainees can get the best of theoretical learning and practical simulations in near real-life situations.