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Heat Pumps

The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

An Air to Water (air source) heat pump is one that extracts energy from your surrounding environment, via an outdoor fan unit. The heat pump then efficiently converts this energy, into heat for your home. Through advanced technology and specialist installation, our air to water heat pumps can operate effectively without accumulation (buffer) tanks – be aware that many heat pump manufacturers do advise the installation of a buffer tank.

Furthermore, our air to water heat pumps are unique in that they can heat normal radiators and domestic hot water, without additional support from an electric heater, making them the perfect way to upgrade your heating system and replace your fossil fuel boiler.

Standalone A2W with any cylinder
A fully self-contained (including the energy collector), outdoor, air to water heat pump which can be deployed with any domestic hot water cylinder of the customer’s choosing, including the use of existing cylinders where appropriate. An immensely flexible and versatile solution, for new builds and retrofits alike (perfect for upgrading existing heating systems). Also includes an internal control unit and display for user control and convenience.
Standalone A2W with integrated cylinder
A fully self-contained (including the energy collector), outdoor air to water heat pump, also supplied with a designer, fully integrated internal unit which contains all the necessary hydraulics, a DHW cylinder and all control elements. For elementary installation, this is our “Plug and Play” solution for air to water heat pumps, whether upgrading an existing system or installing in a new home.
Natural Heat Pumps
The environmental impact of refrigerants remains an issue for many heat pumps. Through pioneering technology and advanced design, R290 natural refrigerant can now be used in leading air to water heat pumps. With a global warming potential (GWP) of around 700 times less than commonly used refrigerants, this is a game changer!
AU Range Unique & Superior
This is a very unique solution, brought to the market by Ecoforest. The main heat pump unit is installed indoors, which can be with or without a DHW cylinder. It’s very much like a geothermal heat pump, except the collector is very different – it collects from the air instead of the ground. So, it’s truly an air to water heat pump with unique properties!