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Heat Pumps

The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

Heat pumps are a perfect heating system for commercial premises. With almost zero maintenance and constant temperatures, they’re an ideal fit for busy businesses and can easily replace existing fossil fuel systems. We can offer ground source and air source solutions with outputs in both categories of up to 600kW in a single system.

Perhaps, today is the day to upgrade your heating system and take your business green?

Geothermal High Power
For commercial applications, we offer special high powered heat pumps that offer heat outputs of up to 100kW per unit and can be cascaded together to form up to 600kW of power. This is ideal for larger installations such as for hotels, office buildings, leisure centres, etc.
AU Range Air Source
This is a very unique solution, brought to the market by Ecoforest. The main heat pump unit is installed indoors, which can be with or without a DHW cylinder. It’s very much like a geothermal heat pump, except the collector is very different – it collects from the air instead of the ground. So, it’s truly an air to water heat pump with unique properties!