Bringing Nature's Energy Home

Energy Managers

The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

In the same way that it’s important to generate clean energy, it’s also important to make the most of it, thus further reducing our carbon footprint. Energy Managers and controls can also make our life easier and takes control of important tasks for us, leaving us to concentrate on other things.

An Energy Manager will know what power is available from various sources and will bring all that energy together. Using advanced software algorithms, it can then decide where to distribute that power to, in order to make the best and most efficient use of it.

ecoSMART e-manager
An advanced energy management solution to manage the use of excess electricity, where produced by external peripherals with efficient distribution, in conjunction with Ecoforest heat pumps. It allows input from solar PV or other micro-generation systems and integrates them superbly with the heat pump.
ecoSMART e-system
An advanced energy management all-in-one solution, including a solar inverter and battery storage if required, all contained within one compact unit. Manages excess electricity, where produced by external peripherals such as solar PV and offers a broad range of distribution options including storage, hot water, critical loads and exportation to the National Grid, in conjunction with Ecoforest heat pumps.
ecoSMART Easynet
Easynet is the remote module of the Ecoforest range of heat pumps. For remote access, real-time visualisation and full configuration management, the Easynet offers astonishing control of the heat pump from anywhere in the world. This is useful for technicians and superb for the end-user in terms of complete peace of mind and an avoidance of potential call-out fees for non-warranty related issues.