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Heat Pumps

The Eco Heat Pumps revolution is here!

A Geothermal (ground source) heat pump is one that extracts energy from the earth around us, via a network of collector pipework. The earth is full of heat energy, collected from the sun’s rays and stored like a giant storage radiator. Whether from the ground, river or lake, this energy can be harnessed and efficiently converted into useful heat for our homes and businesses.

Through advanced technology, our geothermal heat pumps are quite unique in that can operate effectively without accumulation (buffer) tanks AND can heat normal radiators and domestic hot water, without electric heater back-up.

This presents flexible installation options and significant cost savings for the customer. For the ultimate in home heating performance and endurance, choose a geothermal heat pump.

ecoGEO with any size cylinder
Neat heat pump unit (indoor) for connection to choice of external collectors. These can be ground source, water source or even air source (exclusively through Ecoforest AU range). Deploy with any domestic hot water cylinder of the customer’s choosing, including the use of existing cylinders where appropriate. Full controls and user interface is included with the unit. Perfect for new builds or upgrading existing heat pump systems.
ecoGEO with integrated cylinder
A heat pump system with a fully integrated DHW cylinder in an elegant housing which also contains all the necessary hydraulics and all control elements. For elementary, “Plug and Play” installation, the range of compact geothermal heat pumps is popular for new builds in particular but can also be retrofitted into existing homes as long as an appropriate collector can be accommodated.
High Power, commercial heat pumps
For commercial applications, we offer special high powered heat pumps that offer heat outputs of up to 100kW per unit and can be cascaded together to form up to 600kW of power. This is ideal for larger installations such as for hotels, office buildings, leisure centres, etc.
AU Range Unique & Superior
This is a very unique solution, brought to the market by Ecoforest. The main heat pump unit is installed indoors, which can be with or without a DHW cylinder. It’s very much like a geothermal heat pump, except the collector is very different – it collects from the air instead of the ground. So, it’s truly an air to water heat pump with unique properties!
Natural Heat Pumps
The environmental impact of refrigerants remains an issue for many heat pumps. Through pioneering technology and advanced design, R290 natural refrigerant can now be used in select heat pumps. With a global warming potential (GWP) of around 700 times less than commonly used refrigerants, this is a game changer!